Building an address map (Search Google Map)


Building a Google Map From An Address

Description #

Using this mADL function you can draw a google map based on a reverse locational lookup.

$t->map("drawMapFromAddress", $mapOptions);

Parameters #

An array of options including the following settings.

  • address : A string containing the location's address.

  • zoom : An integer from 1 to 20, the higher the number the map is more zoomed in. If Blank the default is 16.

  • type : A string containing the type of map to display, options include

    • roadmap . If Blank this is the default.

    • satellite

    • terrain

    • hybrid

  • marker : Boolean, to display a marker at the map location. If Blank the default is true.

  • marker colours : A comma delimited string to set marker colours. If Blank the default is FFFFFF,FF0000,000000.

  • sensor : Boolean, fire up GPS and show user's current location. If Blank the default is false.

Example #

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