How do I create an email in the custom code area?



$t->email("","example subject heading",
"", $attachments, "");

Description #

sends an email to specified email address, from another specified email .

Parameters #

An array of options including the following.

  • $to - Email address that is to receive the email

  • $subject - Subject heading of the email

  • $body - The main body of the email

  • $from - Senders email address. If this is left blank it will send from

  • $cc - Email address to send a Carbon Copy to

  • $bcc - Email address to send a Blind Carbon Copy to

  • $attachments - The attachments to send with the email

  • $replyto - The reply to email address

Return values#


Notes #

cc- Carbon Copy indicates that you are getting a copy but are not the primary addressee.Carbon copy also allows all recipients to see who else has received the mail. bcc - Blind Carbon Copy is the same as Carbon Copy except that the address in bcc: is hidden from all recipients in To: and cc: