$t->CreatePDF( )




Description #

Used to create a custom PDF to attach to an email within the custom code area of Blinkforms.

Parameters #

An array of options including the following.

  • author. Sets the author of the pdf

  • header. The header of the pdf.

  • description. The description of the pdf.

  • footer. The footer of the pdf.

  • header_image. A place holder for the header image.

  • style. Attach a custom CSS.

  • base64_encode. Boolean to set base64 encoding on images. (Optional).

  • include_fields. An array of fields you want in include. //exclude_fields have higher precedence than include_fields

  • exclude_fields. An array of fields you want in exclude.

Leaving the include_fields & exclude_fields arrays blank will include all fields on the form.

Return values#

An object to attach to an email

$pdf_content = $t->createPDF($options);

Example #

Click here to view an example on Github: