$t->headingRows( )


$t->headingRows( )

$t->headingrows("", "", "", "rows display");

Description #

Usually generated by the code builder when you have checked the "Heading Rows" check box in the code builder. Iheadingrows allows for interpretation of a two-level repeating pattern in a document or data structure. The "outer loop" or headings are interpreted by the first two parameters and the "inner loop" by the second. WIth headingrows, the first instance of a header in $t is found and interpreted. At the end of the header regular expression pattern the row regular expression pattern is searched for on an iterative basis and interpreted until another header pattern is encountered. This continues until no further header regular expressions are found or the end of $t is reached.

Parameters # 

* - A String * - A String *$ - A String *rows display - A String

Return values#

Returns page source or structured data / XML  into variable $t

Examples #

Example \ For example in the following example the Date and forecast would be searched for in an outer loop and the flights with an inner loop. Monday 1st May Forecast: Sunny

0600 QF34 London 0925 NZ234 Wellington 1235 EA416 Dubai 1635 BA24 Manchester Tuesday 2nd May Forecast: Drizzle clearing

0545 EA45 Singapore 1200 QF14 Bangkok 1235 EA416 Dubai


$t->headingRows("|<h1>{HEADING}|U", "<h1>Ray","|<div class="\\\"dl_list_item\\\"">~*<img~*src=\\\"{IMAGE}\\\"~*