You are able to access your form submission schema from the OneBlink console.

This is commonly used when creating integrations through MS Flow, when using the "Parse JSON" connector to pull specific information out of the form submission.

As a developer you may also wish to use this to validate submissions in your integration code.

Getting the Form Schema

In the OneBlink console, on your Forms List page, you are able to access the schema by clicking on the three dot quick menu on the right-hand side of each form item.

You will then see an option for “View Schema”.

This will open up the forms JSON Schema, giving you the ability to view and copy the schema.

Using the Schema with MS Flow

If you are accessing the schema for the purpose of an MS Flow integration, then the schema here can be copied and pasted directly into the "Parse JSON" connector in MS Flow.

To dig deeper into MS Flow integration, read more here:

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