HCMS Integration

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You can create and manage all your CivicPlus content and data from our single, unified, and integrated platform. 

This article will show you how to integrate your HCMS instance with Productivity.


There are some current limitations with this integration, these are listed below:

  • Adding Content - You are able to add new elements to the form, but it will appear as the last field of the Content Type, even if you reposition the new form element in the form Builder. Meaning the structure of the content when you view it in the HCMS might not exactly reflex the Productivity form. 
  • Changing Content - If you change an element type in the form you will also be changing the content type field type in the HCMS. This will mean previous records of that element may not be able to be displayed in the HCMS.

To alleviate these issue, try to ensure that the Productivity form is in a close to completed or completed state before doing submission.


1. Navigate to the Integrations menu and select the Setup Integration button on the HCMS card


2. Input the Base URL, Client Id, and Client Secret, then click Save


Note: These can be found in the HCMS Settings, select the Clients menu, and copy the Client Id and Client Secret from here.


3. Now, you can navigate to the form you want to capture. Select the Submission Events tab, and click Add 

Submission Event. Then, simply give your new Content Type a name (this is the name that will appear in the HCMS), and click Save.


Now, when you submit the form you will be able to see the new content type in your HCMS instance and the content items being added to that type.



Get Help

If you require assistance setting up your HCMS Integration or have questions, please reach out to productivity@civicplus.com.

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