This article will show you how to create an Info Page. 



  • Navigate to the Info Pages tab
  • Hover over the + button in the bottom right of the screen and click Create

  • add button

  • Fill out the fields on the Summary tab

    Fill out information

    • Info Page Name (Required): Add a name for your info page, this is the name that will appear in the app
    • Description: Type a brief description of the info page and what it contains
    • Associated Apps: Select the apps the info page will appear in
    • Tags: Tags can be used to filter and sort your info page
    • Allows Anonymous Access: Toggle to allow people who aren't app users to view the info page
    • Where would you like your users to go after clicking Done?
      • My App: After clicking "Done", the user will be returned to the Forms list in your app
      • Close Page: After clicking "Done", the info page will be closed
      • Redirect to URL: After clicking "Done", the user will be redirected to the URL specified below

        Redirect URL

  • Publishing Dates: If desired, choose a Start/End Date for the info page to become available and unavailable

  • Click Save at the top

  • Save information page

  • Select the Builder tab

  • Builder tab

  • Click Add New Element to add new elements to your form

  • add element
  • Select the Element Type

  • element types
    • Heading: This option allows you to add headings onto your info page
    • Information: This can be used to add informative text to an info page
    • Image: The Image element can be used to add images to an info page
    • Info Page: This element allows you to place an existing info page on the current info page
  • Fill out the element fields
    element details

    • Text: This is what will be displayed to users
    • Name: This is what the element will be named when submitting data
      • Note: This will not be visible to users
    • Size: The size of the Heading text
    • Note: The fields will differ depending on the element type selected

  • Click Save

  • Save element

  • Click Preview to view your info page

  • Preview element

  • A preview of your info page will appear

  • Previewing

Get Help

If you have any question or would like assistance with setting up your Info Pages please contact us via this support portal or email support@oneblink.io. We are happy to assist in any way we can.