The Productivity Console allows the use of payments by simply integrating OneBlink forms and with BPOINTs payment gateway. Allowing your users to make successful payments before triggering the rest of your workflow process. For the steps on how to ingrate your forms with BPOINT check out the steps below.

Set Up BPOINT Integration

Step 1 - In the Productivity Console navigate to the Integrations menu and select Setup Integration on the BPOINT card.

Step 2 - Add the Base URL, Username, Password, Short Merchant Name, and your Merchant Number for you BPOINT payment gateway and click Save

Step 3 - On the form you want to submit with a payment, navigate to the submission events tab of the form. Add a new submission event and select BPOINT form the drop down.

Step 4 - Select the Payment Element that you will be using for the total payable amount. This drop down will display a list of all number and calculation elements from the form. Select the one that is the amount that the form user will need to pay, and click Save.

Get Help

If you require assistance setting up your BPOINT integration or have questions please create a support ticket or reach out to us at