Creating a Support Ticket

To open a new ticket click the “New Support Ticket” link.

Fill in the required fields* and any other fields you feel are relevant.

Name*Your full name or a Username if you would prefer

Requester*Your Email address e.g

Company*If you are already associated with more than one company this field will appear below the “Requester” field. Otherwise it does not pertain to you.

Subject*The subject of your Ticket this will be the primary indicator as to what your issue is.

Type of Issue: The type of issue can be selected from a number of drop down options

  • Questions: For any inquiries, e.g. asking how to use a products or feature of a product.
  • Problem: For any issues, e.g. product failure or functioning incorrectly
  • Request: For any additional feature, modification etc
  • OneBlink Console: Any issues with the OneBlink Console, form onboarding to bug reporting

Priority: The priority is a measure of how urgent your issue is.

  • Low: (Response within 24 hours) Priority 4 issues would include “general analytics / log requests”
  • Medium: (Response within 8 hours) Priority 3 issues would include “Secondary functionality in app not working as expected”
  • High: (Response within 4 hours) Priority 2 issues would include “Process failure disrupting software usage”
  • Urgent: (Response within 1 hour) Priority 1 issues would include “API, Database, or Infrastructure unavailable or fallen over”

Description: This is where you explain and go into detail about what your issue is.

+ Attach a file: Using this link you will be able to attach any relevant files for your issue.

Now that you have filled in the fields, set a priority, and attached any relevant files needed (These can be things like screenshots, logs or anything else needed to support your request), you can Submit your Support Request using the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.

If you have made a mistake or do not wish to submit your ticket you can click the CANCEL button to return to the home screen of the portal.

Submitting a ticket via Email

You are able to submit a query by sending an email to:


This will create a ticket in the help desk.

You will be able to view this ticket in FreshDesk by going to the OneBlink.Freshdesk URL:


Here you will need to log in to freshdesk via the LOGIN button or if you have not already signed up with FreshDesk. Use the SIGN UP button to create a Support Account.

When you submit a ticket you will automatically be added as a customer to the Help Desk.

Editing your Profile

After logging in you are able to edit this information by clicking on the Edit profile Link in the top right.  

Here you are able to edit your information including Name, Phone Number, Password, and Add a profile image. To save these changes click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of the form.

Checking your Tickets

To check your tickets you will need to login via the OneBlink Freshdesk portal.


After logging in you can view all your tickets by clicking the “Check Ticket Status” Link.

You will be able to see a list of tickets which you have logged. You are able to search these tickets by using the filters provided. If you wish to see all tickets for a company you are associated with you can contact our support staff.

You are able to select a specific ticket from your list to view its details. Here you are able to Update, reply, close and add people to the ticket.