You are able to invite your colleagues in to your organisation as Team Members, giving them access to the OneBlink Console.

You are also able add Users, who will have access to your Apps and associated forms.

In the Team Members menu you will see a search filter, number team members, and your list of team members. There are two types of users, Team Members and Users.

Team Members

Team Members have access to the whole console as well as form library.

To add Team Members, select “Team Members” from the side menu.

Click the Add Team Member Button at the bottom right of the page.

Then add the users' full name and email address, also selecting the appropriate permissions group for the user.

The user will then receive a welcome email, generated password (if the "Generate Password" was checked), and a link to login to the OneBlink console.


Users are restricted to the app they have been assigned to and the forms published within that app. 

To add a new User click My App side menu, click the Manage button on the app you want to add the user to.

Navigate to the User tab of that app, and click the 'Add User' button.

Integrate with Active Directory

We also have the feature that you can use your current Active Directory to authenticate and authorise App users. More information can be found in this article.

Email Sending

You can also configure the email address that new App users will receive their welcome initiation from. By Default, the email address is Do note that you will need access to the email address you set as the sending email, in order to verify it.

Removing Users

If you would like to remove a Team Member or a User, and you have the user management permission enabled, on the Team Member page or in the User tab click the trash icon to the right of their email address. You will be prompted to confirm before deleting.

Authenticated Forms

Only App Users are able to see authenticated forms. 

If an App User wants to access an authenticated form they must first login via a login button in the forms library.