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This article is focused on SharePoint integrations using Power Automate. The two integrations covered are creating a SharePoint List, allowing you to track and manage data. The second integration goes over how to capture files within SharePoint.

If you have not read the Power Automate Integration article, please read that first before this article.

SharePoint - Create a List

First, start by creating a SharePoint list. 

1. Click Settings Settings icon and then click Site contents.

2. Click + New, and then click List.

3. Type a Name for the list, and optionally, type a Description.

4. Click Create.

5.  When your list opens, you can click + or + Add column to add the columns which will collect your form data.

Now that we have created a SharePoint List and added some columns, we go back and create this Flow.

6. Open Power Autimate starting with the Flow created in the Power Automate Integration article, add a new connector and search for SharePoint, click the 'Create item' Connector.

7. Add the Site Address and the List Name will pre-populate. Once the List name is selected the list columns will become available.

8. Map the Form Element name and the Column name from your SharePoint list.

Once these are connected, make sure to save your Flow and try submitting the form.

You will be able to see if the flow ran successfully by clicking on the flow and viewing the run history.

SharePoint - Create a File

SharePoint also allows you to create files using their Create Files connector. 

1. Open Power Autimate starting with the Flow created in the Power Automate Integration article, add a new connector and search for SharePoint, click the 'Create File' Connector.

2. Add your Site Address, Folder Path, File Name, and File Content. 

Common files that are uploaded can include attachments that were added to the form, like supporting documents, photos, and signatures. Using the 'Generate PDF' OneBlink Action you can also upload copies of the form PDF. 

Known limitations

There is a current known limitation with SharePoint files, where new files cannot be created with the hash (#) or percentage (%) character. If you have a file name taken from the form you will need to ensure you are replacing these characters. Below is a replace function you can use that will replace and hash (#) or percentage (%) characters with an underscore (_). 

replace(replace(items('Apply_to_each')?['fileName'], '#', '_'), '%', '_')

Get Help

If you have any questions or would like assistance with setting up your integration please contact us via this support portal or email support@oneblink.io. We are happy to assist in any way we can.

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