If you have not read the Power Automate Integration article, please read that first before beginning this tutorial.

Okay, now that we have got to the Pares JSON connector all setup we can take the form data and integrate into other back end systems.

This tutorial is focused on SharePoint integration and more specifically 'Create Item' connector. 

In this example we have created a Vehicle Inspection report and want to capture the form data in a SharePoint list.

Create a SharePoint List

First start by creating a SharePoint list. 

  1. Click Settings Settings icon and then click Site contents.

  2. Click + New, and then click List.

  3. Type a Name for the list, and optionally, type a Description.

  4. Click Create.

  5. When your list opens, you can click + or + Add column to add the columns which will collect your form data.

Okay, now that we have created a SharePoint List and added some columns, we go back and create this Flow.

SharePoint Connector

Add a new connector and search for SharePoint, click the 'Create' item Connector. 

Add the Site Address and the List Name will pre-populate. Once the List name is selected the list columns will become available.

Then it is just a matter of connecting the correct Form Element name, and the Column name.

Once these are connected, make sure to save your Flow and try submitting the form.

You will be able to see if the flow ran successfully by clicking on the flow and viewing the run history.