Submission History

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The submission history menu allows you to view the submissions that have been completed for specific forms and apps. This article will cover the different functionality available from the submission history menu. 

Filtering and Searching

Date filters

You are able to filter submissions by using the Submission After and Submission Before dates. By default, the Submission After date is set to 12am yesterday. 

Submission Id

All submissions generate a 32-character unique identifier referred to as a Submission Id. You can use the submission Id search to find a specific submission. 

External Id

These are also referred to as Receipt Ids. These can be generated using the Personalisation and Receipt Generation endpoint or by being added directly to the URL. These are usually generated via API and are a more human-readable number to reference the submission. These can also be used to search for a specific submission. 

View Submission

You can click the record in the submission history screen to open the submission data for that specific submission. 


For information on extracting submission data check out this article

Workflow Status

The Workflow Status pop-up will allow you to view all events for your submission. You are able to see what failed, what succeeded and the current status of the submission. If there are any failed events you will be able to investigate the error logs to diagnose the issue, and even relay the failed events from here.  


You can replay workflow events from the workflow status up or from the replay pop up. From here you con select from the currently configured workflow events and click the replay button. You can also replay events for multiple submissions by checking the submission using the box on the far left of the submission, and selecting the actions button at the top of the screen. 

Download PDF

Each submission has a PDF button which can be used to generate a PDF of the original submission. Note, this PDF does not include any payment or approval form information. 



Permission - You will need the Submission Data permission to view the submission history tab. If your role does not have this permission then the submission history tab will not be accessible. 

Get Help

If you have any questions or would like assistance with Submission History, please contact us via this support portal or email We are happy to assist in any way we can.

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