Building on fantastic users feedback from the last release we have added some useful new features, including advanced page navigation for tablet and mobile devices, the ability to build and structure your app content, and a new account page for tracking resource usage.


Page Navigation

We have given page navigation for tablet and mobile devices a major update.

By simply touching the page title a page dropdown will appear, and from here you are able to navigate rapidly to any page.

This new navigation system is similar to the desktop view only customised for smaller screen sizes. This feature is extremely useful for navigating large and non-linear forms and information pages.

My App Content

Building on the release of multiple apps we have included a Content page. Here you are able to assign forms and information pages to your apps.

You are also able to reorder these forms and info pages to your desired format, giving the ability to quickly and easily restructure your apps.



Account Page

We have also added an account page to help users track the amount of available resources they are using, and provide a general overview of the account.

This menu provides further visibility into application usage by tracking team members, app users, and monthly form submissions.