Sync Drafts

You are now able to sync your drafts across devices. Login and navigate to the Drafts section of your app, and you will see the Sync Drafts option. This will download the synced drafts from cloud storage and allow you to update and submit the drafts across devices.



Mobile Job Push Notifications

After you have logged into your PWA and navigated to the jobs menu for the first time, a prompt will ask you to subscribe to push notifications. This can also be set in the profile section of the PWA. Now when a job is assigned to you, you will receive a notification on your device, saving you from having to refresh the jobs page intermittently to see if any new jobs have been assigned to you.

Drafts Submission

Adding more flexibility to the Submission Event feature, we have included the ability to execute a submission event on Saving as draft. This addition allows for more dynamic approval processes and workflows. These can be edited in the Submission Event page of the Console.

Try it yourself

For the rest of the features I’d like to ask you to take a more interactive approach.

Click the link below to start the interactive release notes.

Interactive Release Notes