Release Notes: 12/02/2019

Modified on Mon, 10 Feb, 2020 at 4:45 PM

This release we’ve added some cool functionality around the calculation element, including calculations on repeatable sets and using select and radio buttons as a source for calculations.

We’ve expanded the use of conditional logic, allowing you to show and hide fields based on numeric values, as well as general improvements and bug fixes.

Calculate on Repeatable Sets

Calculation elements are great, but sometimes you don’t know how many inputs you are going to need. For this we have improved calculations to work with repeatable sets.

For example, you may have an app to calculate invoices — by using calculations on repeatable sets the user is able to add as many line items as they need, and then show a total.

To do this in your calculation element, you can now select a repeatable set from the field list, and then select the field in the repeatable set you’d like to sum.

Select and Radio Calculations

You are now able to use a radio button or single select as inputs in your calculation elements.

By assigning a numerical value to an option in a select box or radio button, we can now run calculations based on the user selection.

For example, in an inspection you could place a value on something that either complies or does not comply with industry standards, and then show an overall score for the inspection.


Conditional Logic on Numeric Elements

We have expanded the use of conditional logic to numeric fields, allowing you to show and hide fields based on a numeric value.

For example, you could display a notes field if a score is greater than 10.

Alternatively you can do something like calculate the score for a film and give it a star rating based on a calculated score.

Why don’t you try it for yourself, rate the last movie you saw using the Student Film Festival Judging Criteria.

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