HPE Content Manager Integration

Integration with HPE Content Manager is one of the available submission events for Productivity Suite forms.

This has been done to integrate with local councils TRIM backend systems.


The following items need to be setup before the submission event can be configured. The submission event configuration will request information from the TRIM instance and this will fail if the prerequisites have not been set up:

  • An account/password must be assigned
  • Basic Authentication needs to be enabled
  • The following domains need to be whitelisted by adding them to the Access-Control-Allow_Header 

Depending on the IIS configuration, the submission event queries may fail with a 401 due to the browser sending a preflight OPTIONS request without the authorisation header. You will need to implement a solution to return a 200 response as documented http://hprm.info/tag/serviceapi/

Configure Integration

Navigate to the integration page and on the HPE Content Manager card select Setup Integration.

URL - Your organisations HPE Service API URL (e.g. https://council.state.gov.au/HPECMServiceApi)

Username - You will need to provide a username of an account that has access to the service

Password -  You will also need to provide the password for the username

Configure Submission Event

To configure the HPE Content Manager submission event open the form that you wish to be capturing, and navigate to the Submission Event tab.

From here you can select ‘ADD SUBMISSION EVENT’ and select HPE Content Manager from the ‘Event Type’ drop down.

This will open up a series of configurations that will need to be set.

Record Type -  You will need to set the record type (e.g. correspondence in, invoice, policy document). A list of record types will automatically be retrieved from the API after typing the first 3 letters. 

Container - Select the container where the record will be placed.

Action Definitions - Select an action to assign to the record for the submission in the Content Manager

Location - Select a location usually a person or a group for the action.

More Options

You also have the option to set the Record Title. 

Record Title - The title of the record for how it will appear in the HPE Content Manager. From here you can customise the record title with data from the form submission. For example {FORM_NAME} - {ELEMENT:Name}, this will set the Record title to be the name of the form - the input data from the ‘Name’ Element. This can allow users to easily identify what was submitted to the Content Manager based on the record title.

Click the ‘CUSTOM VALUES’ button for more information.

Once these settings have been configured, click the ‘SAVE’ button, and any submission of the form will be posted to your specified container. 

Get Help

If you have any question or would like assistance with setting up your HPE Content Manager integration please contact us via this support portal or email support@oneblink.io. We are happy to assist in any way we can.