In this release we are covering a new feature request link, payment details in PDFs, repeatable sets in Data Manager, approval note enhancements, a number of Freshdesk enhancements, and fix all for legacy elements.

For more information on each of these features read on below. 


Feature Request Link

We always mention in these release updates that customer requests are what drive our development. To make this easier we have added a new Console menu item called “Request Feature”. This will open the OneBlink feature backlog page which allows you to view all feature requests, upvote and add comments to existing requests, and even add your own.

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Payment Details in PDFs

When a user completes a payment they are redirected to the receipt page. This page includes a number of details about the payment.  However, once they leave the page they have no way of getting that information back. 

We have now added the ability to include payment information in any workflow event PDFs. This means that Email + PDF, Micro Focus CM and Civica Authority events now have an additional option to include payment details in the PDF.

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Data Manager Repeatable Sets

In response to feedback from customers using the recently released Data Manager functionality, we are providing a better way to view and download repeatable set data. We have added the “Output a row per repeatable set entry” option into the column configuration in the Data Manager viewers in the Console and Applet. This option changes the view of Data Manager so that each repeatable set entry will be displayed on its own row. This view can then be used to download all repeatable set data to a CSV file in a more usable format.

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Additional Approval Notes

When approvers and their teams are managing a large number of pending approvals, they need to be able to keep track of what is happening with each approval. To assist with this we have added the ability to add additional notes to approvals at any stage of the workflow. These notes can be added to any step the approver has access to.  These notes can also be modified and removed if needed.

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Freshdesk Enhancement

We have made a number of enhancements to the Freshdesk integration to cater for additional use cases. These include allowing for mapping of dependent fields, updating the required logic for workflow event mapping, allowing groups and agents to be mapped, and removing internal groups and internal agents from the workflow event mapping. 

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Fix All

By now a lot of you have probably seen the yellow exclamation showing up in your form builder. These indicate when a form element has a name that is not suitable for Data Manager, or if the element is using the deprecated Embedded Storage type. To help you fix these warnings more easily we have added the FIX button. This will automatically rectify all of these issues with your form. 

WARNING: If you are using any custom webhooks of Power Automate flows changing the name or storage type of element may cause issues.

If you have any questions or concerns about making these changes please contact