OneBlink LcS currently support using custom Google reCATCHA keys. 

These are required for any custom domain apps or utilising the forms website script for forms with a reCATCHA (not a robot) element . 

Steps to create

1. Navigate to the google admin reCAPTCH page -

2. Click the plus + button to add a new key

3. Add a Label

4. Select reCAPTCHA V2, "I'm not a robot" Checkbox

5. Add your domains, owners, and Accept the terms of service

6. Click Submit

Add reCAPTCHA to LcS

1.  Open the integrations page of the console and select setup integration

2. Enter a Label for you key, add the Site Key, Secret Key and click Save

3. Select Manage on the app that you want to configure the reCAPTCHA for

4. On the Summary tab, turn on the use custom domain reCAPTCHA key switch, and select the reCAPTCHA key you wish to use.

Now any forms with a reCAPTCH element will be using your google reCAPTCHA key. 

Get Help

If you have any question or would like assistance with setting up your reCAPTCH key please contact us via this support portal or email We are happy to assist in any way we can.