Release Notes: 22/06/2021

Modified on Thu, 24 Jun 2021 at 03:52 PM

In this release we have included a number of console enhancements Regex Validation, Upload in Background, Dynamic To and From Dates, Button Customisation, ReCAPTCHA Integration and Cancel Action.

For more information on each of these features read on below. 

Regex Validation

We have received a number of requirements for custom validation on form elements. To meet these requests we have included the ability to add regex to all input elements.

This allows you to now add specific validation to your form elements, such as custom email or phone number validation.

Try it yourself

Upload in Background

To reduce submission time and enhance the form experience we have updated our File, Signature and Camera, and Checklist elements so that any attachments added to these elements can be uploaded in the background instead of on submission.

This option greatly increases the submission time, save draft time and reliance on device memory. Try updating your elements to the new Private or Public links now.

Dynamic To and From Dates

There have been a number of requests for more dynamic date and time limitations. To achieve this we have now added the ability to set the available date range to be now + or - any number of days. For example I only want my users to select dates between now and 1 week from now.

Try it yourself


Button Customisation

Adding to the wide range of app customisation options we have also added the ability to modify the app button text and icons. Allowing Team Members to modify the Submit, Save Draft, Cancel buttons and more with an easy to use point and click interface.


ReCAPTCHA Integration

To ensure we are meeting the FaaS requirements for forms we are allowing Team Members to add their own reCAPTCHA keys to their accounts. These will then be used with Custom Domain apps as well as forms utilising the Forms Website Script. Ensuring that reCAPTCHA (not a robot) Elements can be used on all forms.

Cancel Actions

We allow form builders to configure the experience for users by controlling what happens after the Submit button is clicked. We have expanded this functionality for the form Cancel as well. 

Allow you to take them back to the app, back the page they came from, close the page or even redirect to a URL.

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