Email Templates allow you to completely customise the body for your Email and Email + PDF submission events. Allowing you to modify the default body, add your own custom email body and adding content form the form submission. 

Setting up your Template

  1. Open the new Email Templates Menu and click the plus button.
  2. Select the type of email template you want to use. There are two types Email Submission Event and Approval - Clarification Email see the details about these below
  3. From this input you can start adding your HTML, if you need help getting started click the SET DEFAULT EMAIL TEMPLATE button.

Email Submission Event Templates

  • Email Submission Event templates allow you to modify the email body for you Email and Email + PDF workflow events. 

Approval - Clarification Email

  • Clarification email templates allow you to modify the email body of the request clarification emails that get sent back to the person who submitted the form.


On top of adding your own HTML you can also include parameters from the submission or approval, these are documented in the modal. These include things like the form name and submission date/time.

Custom Parameters

With email templates you can include custom parameters. These can be mapped in the submission event to either be free text entry or pull content from elements in the form. This then allows you to add form content into the body of your email similar to the subject and PDF file name.

Setting up your Submission Event

  1. Open your form and select the Email or Email + PDF submission event. 
  2. Select from your available Email Templates. 
    • Templates are optional if you do not select a template the default email body will be generated.
  3. Mapping you custom parameters. 
    • This is only required for email templates using Custom Parameters 

Start with the Default

You can use the SET DEFAULT EMAIL TEMPLATE button to start with the default email template. 

If you simply want to modify the out of the box email body, or just need help getting started this is a really good way to begin. 

This button will only be available if the template input is empty.

Delete a Template

Email Templates can be deleted my clicking the Delete button in the Email Templates menu. 

Templates cannot be deleted while in use, you will first need to remove the template from all submission events in order to delete it. 

Get Help

If you have any question or would like assistance with setting up your Email Templates please contact us via this support portal or email We are happy to assist in any way we can.