The Data Manager Applet gives non-platform users the ability to view, filter, sort and download submission data. 

For platform users we also have a Data Manager built into the platform. For more information on the platform view of data manager check out the article

Set up Data Manager Applet

To start setting up your applet, open the Solution menu and click the Manage button on the Data Manager card. 


Similar to other solutions the summary tab allows you to style and customise your applet.

Details - The title and tag line of your applet, these appear on the login screen and in the banner of the applet. 

Colour Theme - This allows you to customise the Primary and Accent colours for your applet. 

Logo - This is the icon used for the applet, it will appear on the login screen and in the banner of the applet.


Here you can add, remove and filter your Data Manager mangers. A manager must be added to this list before they can use the Data Manager applet. Mangers are assigned to groups, these groups dictate which forms they have access to. You can create a new group by adding a new member or modifying an existing one and adding a new group in the group input. 

Once a manager is added they will receive an email with a temporary password. They will need to use this to login before setting a new password. 


The groups menu allows you to assign forms to your groups. Click the Add Form drop down and select from your forms list. Both forms and mangers can be added to multiple groups. When a manager opens the Data Manager applet they will only have access to the forms assigned to their group(s). 

Data Manager Applet

You can open the Data Manager applet using the open solution button on the solution page of the console, or using the URL on the summary page. Once logged in managers will see the submission data of the first form they have access to. Managers can change which form they are viewing using the drop down in the top left of the screen. 

From here the Data Manager applet operates the same way as it does in the LcS platform. Managers are able to view, sort, search and download submissions. For more information on the functionality in Data Manger check out this article

Get Help

If you have any question or would like assistance with Data Manager please contact us via this support portal or email We are happy to assist in any way we can.