Data Manager gives team members the ability to view, filter, sort and download submission data from the platform. 

For non platform users we also have the Data Manager Applet. For more information on the applet check out the article


If the form contains a file, camera, signature, or checklist element using the embedded storage type it will not be available for use in Data Manager. 

If the form has an element name that contains anything other than letters, numbers, underscores (_), or dashes (-), it will also not be available in Data Manager. 

Once the form elements have been updated to rectify these requirements new submissions will be available in Data Manager.

Setting up Data Manager Forms

Step 1 - To start using Data Manager, you must make sure that you have configured a Retention Policy for submission data. This can be completed through the account screen. 

Step 2 - If the pricing tier for your account has a limit on the number of Data Manager Forms you will need to select the forms you want to use in the accounts screen. Click the add Data Manager Form button and select the form. Please note that this limit if account wide.

You can skip this step if your pricing tier does not have a limit to the number of Data Manager Forms. 

Data Manager Menu

Open the form you want to view and navigate to the Data Manager menu. From here you can view all form submission data in a structured table view.

You can easily resize any of the columns by clicking, holding and dragging the right border line of the column. 

Columns can also be hidden from this view.  Click the columns button in the top of the screen to show or hide any columns. By default the Submission Id and External Id are hidden from this view. Columns can also be hidden by selecting the column settings and clicking the hide button.


Data manager also allows you to filter your data by entering search parameters into the columns. Filters can be removed by clicking the clear button in the column settings. Filters can be added to multiple columns at the same time. An element will display the filter icon if it is currently being filtered. To clear all filters, click the clear filters button. 

Text based columns can be filtered using a fuzzy search, allowing you to view all submissions that match your search input. 

Number column can be filtered on "greater than or equal to", or "less than or equal". 

Date and time element can be filtered on a before and after date and time search. 

User select elements like checkboxes and radio buttons will allow you to select from the available options. Matching any submission that included those options.


Data Manager also allows sorting on columns. Columns can only be sorted one at a time. 

Data and Time can be sorted by most recent to oldest or vic versa. 

Text elements are sorted alphabetically.

Numbers and calculations can be sorted ascending or descending. 


Data Manager allows you to download your data as a CSV file. 

These downloads will take into account any hidden columns, filters or sorts that have been set on your Data Manager view. Allowing you to download only the data that is valuable to you. 

Get Help

If you have any question or would like assistance with Data Manager please contact us via this support portal or email We are happy to assist in any way we can.