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All Team Members in the platform are assigned a Role. These Roles are a collection of permissions that give different levels of access to different areas of the platform. 

The platform includes 5 Team Member Roles. 

  1. Form Builder - Allows users to build Forms and Info Pages.
  2. Business User - Allows users to manage Apps and business processes.
  3. Developer - Allows users to manage API and CDN Hosting.
  4. Administrator - Allows users to manage the entire account with the exception of team member and retention policy management.
  5. Owner - Allow users to manage the entire account.

Each of these roles has increasingly more permissions with the owner role having all permissions. 

Roles can be accessed through the Roles menu in the Administration section of the side menu. From this menu, you can view the number of Team Members in each role as well as add, edit and delete Roles. For more information about each permission, hover over the permission to view the tooltip. 


You can add a new Role by clicking the add role + button. This allows you to create custom roles that suit your requirements. Find tool tips by hovering your mouse over each of the options.


You can edit the existing roles by selecting the settings icon in the top right of the role and clicking the edit button. 

From this pop up you can modify the permissions of the role.

  • Name - Add a name for your new role
  • Description - Type a description for the role
  • Permissions - Select what permissions the role has
    • Manager - Can create, update, and delete items
    • Read Only - Has view only access
    • Off - Unable to view


You can easily remove a role by clicking the settings in the top right of the role and selecting the delete button. 

This will be disabled if there are still Team Members assigned to the role.


You will need to be in a role that has permission to modify roles in order to add, edit and delete roles.

Getting Help

If you need any assistance with Roles please reach out through the Report Issue menu or email 

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