Allow the user to draw a sketch (usually used to submit signatures).

typeYesstring'draw'The type of Form Element.
nameYesstringThe key that will be assigned a value in the submission data when the form is submitted.
labelYesstringDisplay text presented to the user above the input by default.
hintNostringA hint triggered by an icon tooltip to be displayed when hovering beside the element label.
requiredYesbooleanfalseDetermine if this input requires a value drawn by the user (true) or not (false).
storageTypenostringHow the drawing will be stored: privatepubliclegacy

Draw element also inherits the properties of the following:


  "id": "b1311ae0-6bb7-11e9-a923-1681be663d3e",
  "type": "draw",
  "name": "signature",
  "label": "Sign Here",
  "storageType": "private",
  "required": true

Example Submission Data

Private/Public Storage

  "submission": {
    "[]": {
      "s3": {
        "region": "ap-southeast-2",
        "bucket": "",
        "key": "submissions/1/attachments/44cdee6f-edbd-4620-aaf5-df25ce976e43"
      "url": "",
      "contentType": "image/png",
      "fileName": "dot.png",
      "id": "44cdee6f-edbd-4620-aaf5-df25ce976e43",
      "isPrivate": true

Legacy Storage (Deprecated)

  "submission": {