Camera Element

Modified on Fri, 27 May, 2022 at 10:46 AM

Allow the user to take a photo using native camera functionality (or select an existing image) if the device is supported.

typeYesstring'camera'The type of Form Element.
nameYesstringThe key that will be assigned a value in the submission data when the form is submitted.
labelYesstringDisplay text presented to the user above the input by default.
requiredYesbooleanfalseDetermine if this input requires a value entered by the user (true) or not (false).
hintYesstringA hint triggered by an icon tooltip to be displayed when hovering beside the element label.
includeTimestampWatermarkYesbooleanfalseWhether a watermark with a timestamp should be placed on images captured with this element.
storageTypeYesstringHow the photo taken by a user will be stored: private, public, legacy

Camera element also inherits the properties of the following:


  "id": "b1311ae0-6bb7-11e9-a923-1681be663d3e",
  "type": "camera",
  "name": "photo",
  "label": "Please Take a Photo",
  "storageType": "private",
  "required": true

Example Submission Data

Private/Public Storage

  "submission": {
    "[]": {
      "s3": {
        "region": "ap-southeast-2",
        "bucket": "",
        "key": "submissions/1/attachments/44cdee6f-edbd-4620-aaf5-df25ce976e43"
      "url": "",
      "contentType": "image/png",
      "fileName": "dot.png",
      "id": "44cdee6f-edbd-4620-aaf5-df25ce976e43",
      "isPrivate": true

Legacy Storage (Deprecated)

  "submission": {

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