Release Notes: 08/07/2020

Modified on Fri, 11 Dec 2020 at 04:19 PM

In this release we have aimed to work on improving the Productivity user experience. We have done this by including a number of highly requested features, such as Published Schedules for forms, Enhanced form tagging, Roles and Permission flexibility. As well as locking forms while they are being edited, additional functionality has been added for lookups, as well as updating the attachments in email submission. For more on these features check out the rest of the release update below.


Published Schedule 

We now allow users to set an available date range for when their forms can be made available. This configuration is optional, and if a form does not include a start or end date, then it is always published. If a form does include a start and end date it will only be available between those 2 dates.

With this new feature users can easily create and implement their scheduled forms solutions. 

For more information check out this Forms Article



Lock Form

With large teams all working on building out forms at the same time, and to help remove any frustrations around losing progress, we have added Form Locking functionality. This addition to forms locks the form when someone is working on it, ensuring that no one else is able to overwrite their work. 

For more information check out this Forms Article




Form Tags


When you have a large number of 100+ forms it can be hard to organise and search for the specific form you are looking for. To help alleviate this issue we have added the ability to add tags to your forms. Tags can then be searched on in the forms screen, allowing you to easily find the group of forms you are searching for. 

For more information check out this Forms Article





Out of the box Productivity accounts have four team member roles (Forms Builder, Business User, Developer and Administrator). Due to Customer requests we have now added the ability to create new roles from the new Roles menu. This allows you to configure your new and existing roles with the specific permissions you desire. 

For more information check out this Users Article



Multi-Page Lookups

Until now using an Element Lookup to dynamically create form elements was limited to only creating elements on a single page of the form. We have enhanced this lookup functionality to allow developers to not only generate form elements, but now form pages as well. This allows users to create a far better user experience when designing dynamic forms.

For more information check out this Lookup Article, or to see this in action check out this Example Form


Email Attachments

Often when using the Email and PDF submissions users can run into size limitations with their email service (Gmail - 25mb, Outlook 20mb). These limits can be exceeded when forms include larger attachments. To help overcome this limitation we have modified our Email and PDF submissions to include attachments as downloadable links in the email body.



If you have any questions or require assistance with any of the features in this release please reach out by creating a ticket at or email

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