Platform Update

Modified on Tue, 21 Feb 2023 at 03:52 PM

This article is designed to highlight the changes to the platform side menu to assist customers with the transition. 

Please note that these changes are only affecting the console. All Apps, Forms, and Info pages will continue to function as normal for users accessing them. 

Original VS New

What has changed:

  1. Nested Menus

    The first noticeable change is that many of the menu items have now been moved into separate collapsible menus. Below is a breakdown of the nested menus and the menu items they contain. 

    1. Advanced Tools - Tools for the more advanced user

      • Environment

      • Lists

      • Email Templates

      • Scheduling

      • Integrations

    2. Developer Tools - Tools for the developer user

      • Option Sets

      • Lookups

      • API Hosting 

      • Web/CDN Hosting

      • Developer Keys

      • SDK

    3. Administration - Menus for the account administrators

      • Team Members

      • Roles

      • Auditing

      • Account

    4. Help & Support - Help and support links

      • Knowledge Base

      • Request Feature

      • Report Issue

  1. Solutions

    The Solutions menu items, Approvals, Data Manager and Volunteers, have now been broken out into their own menus. Outside of moving these to their own menu items, all functionality will remain the same as before. 

  1. Data Manager Data

    Data Manager Data has moved from the Form Builder tabs to the Data Manager menu under the Data tab. From here you can select the form you want to view. Once viewing the form, all functionality is the same as prior to the change. 

  1. Submissions 

    Similar to Data Manager, we have moved Submission History from Forms and added it as its own side menu, renaming it Submissions. To view your submissions you can select the Submission menu and filter to specific forms or apps. By default, this menu will display all submissions for the environment. Note that some functionality such as mass replays and extracts are only available when filtering to a specific form. 

  1. Lists

    We recently released a change to option sets which allowed users to create option sets directly in the platform instead of needing to create an API integration. We have moved this functionality to the Advanced tools menu and renamed it Lists. Option sets will continue to function as normal in the Developer Tools menu, but now non-developers can utilise Lists to create the same outcome but using a simpler method. 

  1. Form Templates

    The Form Templates menu has been renamed to Form Library and can now be found in the Builder when creating a new form. When first opening the Builder tab, an option will be displayed to open the Forms Library and start with one of the preconfigured templates.

  1. Info Pages

    We have removed the info page menu, consolidating info pages and forms. To create an info page simply create a form with only informational elements (Headings, Images, Information and Sections). We have added logic for forms with only informational elements to operate the same as prior info pages; this is to ensure that there is no difference in end-user experience. We have also migrated all existing info pages into forms to ensure you are still able to use, manage and edit your info pages. 

  1. Environments

    Environments have been moved from the top banner to the side menu. Click the environments menu to open the list of environments, allowing you to select a different environment to view. 

  2. Home Screen changes

    We have modified the home screen to match the new side menu navigation. We have included the most recently modified apps and forms which allow you to open them directly from the home screen. We have also included the most recent submissions that link directly to the Submission menu.

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