Release Notes: 13/12/22

Modified on Fri, 27 Jan, 2023 at 2:40 PM

OneBlink LcS Quarterly Update

In this release update we are covering the OneBlink LcS platform migration, updates to Power Automate, changes to uploads on slow internet connections, modifying attachment link duration, changes to email notifications and a number of approval enhancements. 

For more information on each of these features read on below. 

Platform Migration

The migration to separate our AWS accounts has been completed, allowing us to enhance the security around the AWS environment of the LcS, in particular our ability to enforce much stricter access control to our production environment.  This forms part of our enhancements and process improvements currently being undertaken to move the OneBlink LcS towards ISO 27001 compliance.

Power Automate Update

The OneBlink Power Automate connector has been updated to ensure that a flow will only trigger when a specific form is submitted. Prior to now this needed to be done using a separate condition action to check the form Id. Instead now use the new Label and Form options in the OneBlink trigger to ensure that only specific form submissions trigger your Power Automate flow.

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Poor Internet Connection

We have enhanced the way LcS apps handle uploading attachments on a slow internet connection. Now, if uploads are taking a long time and preventing you from being able to use the app, you can choose to upload the attachments in the background, allowing you to continue to use the app. 

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Attachment Link Expiry

Team Members are now able to modify the time an attachment download link is set to expire for workflow events (Email, Email + PDF, and Freshdesk). These will default to 7 days but can be increased to as long as your submission data retention policy.

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Email Notifications

We have updated the app notification email address so that it is required. This means there must always be at least one notification email address configured for an app. For any new apps, this will default to the team member that created the app. For any existing apps that did not have a notification email address configured all account administrators have been added to the notification email address.

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Approval Enhancements


We have added a number of enhancements to the approvals workflow, firstly you are now able to filter on form, step and status to help you better find the approvals you’re looking for. Second you can now create a set of common responses for approvals to avoid the need to rewrite them every time, instead simply choose from your list of preset responses. Finally you can use the default email address to set which form element will be used to contact the person submitting the form for approval, avoiding the need to copy and paste the email address from the form. 

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