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Lists allow you to populate autocomplete, select, radio, or checkbox form elements with a re-useable list of options.

Lists function the same as option sets however do not require an API to be created and instead can be created in the platform.

Enter My Own

Lists can be created directly in the form for any radio button, checkbox, select, autocomplete or checklist elements. This requires you to add a label a value and optionally a colour when the options are displayed as buttons (checkbox, radio button only). 

When option sets are added in this way they can be duplicated to other elements.

Freshdesk Fields

Instead of entering your own list of options, you can also pull options from your Freshdesk integration. 

For more information on that check out the Freshdesk Integration article

Lists Menu

To create a predefined list of options open the Advanced Tools > Lists. 

The lists created in the List menu function similarly to entering your own options on the form. You can either manually add your own options or you can upload a CSV. The benefit of adding a list to the Lists menu is that they can be added to any form, and if the lists need to be changed, that change only needs to be made once, and the forms will automatically be updated to use the new List.

To copy a list to another environment, you can use the "copy to environment" button. This will display a checklist of all other environments. Simply select the environments you want to copy the list to and click copy.

List CSV example

You can find the CSV attached to this article.


Always Display Option

For Autocomplete elements, if you want to ensure there is always an option visible despite what the users type into the input use the Show "Always Display" option. This will enable an additional configuration for your options, allowing you to configure what should always be displayed. 

Option Sets

If you want to pull your list of options from an external source of truth please check out the option sets article

Get Help

If you have any questions or would like assistance with setting up your lists, please contact us via this support portal or email We are happy to assist in any way we can.

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