The "My Apps" menu is used to add, remove and manage your apps.

Create an App

You start will two apps, the tutorial and template apps. These are designed to give you a running start to app creation.

The tutorial app is for explaining some of the more complicated parts of form creation, and template app contains some example forms, you can use to replicate or modify.

You can add a new app by clicking the 'Add App' button in the bottom right of the page.

Then input the name of the app and the URL you would like to use.


You are also able to delete your apps.

To delete an app click the 3 vertical dots in the top right of the app card, to bring up the delete option. 

You must have at least 1 app. You are also unable to delete an app that has forms associated with it.

To see if your app contains any forms click on the manage button and then check the content tab.

Adding a form to an App

There are two ways to add a form to an app.

Form Creation

When creating a new form on the forms summary tab you have the option to specific what app you want that form to appear in.

A form can be associated with any, all, or none of your apps.


The second way to add a form or information page to an app is through the app content page. From here you can click and drag your desired forms in to the current app content section.

This allows you to specify the content of your app and the order that content will appear in.



App Details

App Name - The name of the application, this will appear in the "My Apps" menu.

App URL - You are also able to set the URL of the application. e.g

Progressive Web App (PWA) Setting

App Name - This is the name that will appear below the app icon on the device.

Splash Screen Name - This is the name that will appear when the app is first loaded on the device. (Limit 12 Characters)

App Icon - The icon for the application, this must be a PNG and at least 192 x 192 pixels in size


This is where the styling can be individualised for each of your apps. For more on Styling check out this article.


This is where users can be managed for each app. For more on Users check out this article.

Submission History

Similar to the submission history of a form, except this is the submission history of all forms that are associated with this app.

Submission History can be filtered by searching for a specific date range. By default, the Submission History will show submissions for the previous 2 days.